Beijing will study the development of packaging and printing the 7 emission standard of air pollutants

Beijing will study the development of packaging and printing the 7 emission standard of air pollutants

2019-06-27 10:59

Beijing city 2013-2017 clean air action plan "in 2014 the work measures recently released, the task decomposition of up to 84, each to the implementation of specific units, and set the completion time. The proposed, Beijing city in 2014 will study the development of boiler, packaging and printing, furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, auto repair, chemical, industrial coating industry the 7 major emissions of volatile organic compounds in atmospheric pollutant emission standard, and study the development of architectural paint volatile organic content limit standard.


One of this year's Beijing air quality standards, from air pollution control process, will rely more on the major emission reduction projects and key industry emission reduction measures for the support, to the annual concentration of PM2.5 reached 85 micrograms / cubic meter as the "general scale", with the emission reduction projects and measures for the benchmarking, power, so that the air quality balance changes to the "good" direction. In 2014, Beijing City air quality is expected to improve target is: the city's annual PM2.5 concentration decreased by 5% year-on-year. Beijing city in 2014 continue to advance does not meet the production process and equipment of capital function localization industry adjustment, exit. Industry focus adjusting casting, asphalt waterproof coiled material, sintering brick, chemical, furniture manufacturing and other air pollution is relatively serious, 2013-2014 year cumulative adjustment to exit 500 polluting enterprises. Among them, withdrew in 2014 300 polluting enterprises.


The implementation of regional, industry limited number of atmospheric pollutants emission reduction did not complete the task of regional and industry, in addition to the people's livelihood projects, shall not approve the construction of atmospheric emissions of major pollutants project.



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