The new package material - edible packaging material made of skin

The new package material - edible packaging material made of skin

2019-06-27 11:01

With the rapid development of food technology and packaging industry, many new types of packaging materials and packaging forms appear constantly. Among them, the expert thinks, edible green packaging materials will lead to the sustainable development of food packaging industry. In recent years, the sustainable packaging and green packaging has become a hot topic in the food packaging industry in china.


The new R & D: edible protein film is made of fish skin do


Crab stick a layer of plastic film, careless patrons often put it together into the Hot pot boil, inadvertently created toxins. But if the use is edible protein film, this problem does not exist. Recently, Weng Wuyin Teachers College of bioengineering Chi developed such a membrane.


The new package material and then continued: edible packaging material made of skin


The research results has been applied for patent. The edible protein film, high temperature can be dissolved in water, can not only replace the crab stick plastic film packaging, more can replace the instant noodles seasoning packaging, so, in the cook instant noodles, the seasoning bag directly into the water on it.


Weng Wuyin said, the edible protein film material is nutrient rich protein. He has two kinds of experiments, a kind of fish protein film formed by fish processing, another is to fish skin, fish head, fish equilateral angle as raw material of edible, degradable collagen membrane, thickness of about 25 micron to 30 microns.


Weng Wuyin in laboratory, the reporter saw the magic of this protein film. It is better than preservative film slightly thick, colorless and tasteless, permeability than plastic film some difference, but the handle and a plastic film as.


Weng Wuyin said, not the current domestic enterprises to produce packaging film can be eaten, on membrane proteins are the most research of soybean protein.


Weng Wuyin had studied in Japan for many years, he said, the Japanese eat raw fish, is also great for wrapped in plastic film demand sashimi. A few years ago, they have edible protein film technique in the study of. He felt that, currently own developed products, in the technical content, can be comparable with the technology of japan.


Weng Wuyin said, China water products output ranked first in the world, in fish and aquatic product processing process, especially frozen fillet and surimi processing production, will produce a lot of waste. Statistics show that, when the enterprises of processing frozen fish, meat rate less than 40%, that is to say, to produce a ton of fish, generate about 1.5 tons of fish skin, fish head, fish scales waste discarded directly, not only a waste of resources, but also cause serious environmental pollution. At present, food packaging, almost all of the use of plastic products, the harm it brings to the environment is obviously. To fish as raw material, both edible and low carbon environmental protection.


Weng Wuyin estimates, one square metre of edible protein film cost only 0.3 yuan. More important is, edible protein film is not easy to aging, at 40 degrees Celsius in the environment, it can be stored for one year, physical properties do not change.


Weng Wuyin said, if the further improvement of edible protein film anti-seepage performance and corrosion resistance, can be made into protein film can be completely degraded, instead of plastic packaging film, reduce the use of plastic film.


Weng Wuyin is considering mechanical means, make edible protein film realize batch production, make the patent from the laboratory into the market.


Edible packaging materials into the market


With the concept of low carbon environmental protection has become the main melody of society, many areas are in the practice, so also is the field of packaging materials. The food processing industry rapid development, required for packaging is increasing. It is understood, green packaging materials on the market there are many, generally can be divided into repeated reuse and regeneration of the packing material, edible packaging material, biodegradable materials and paper materials.


Repeat and then packing material is mainly used for glass bottle packaging beer, beverage, and can be repeatedly used; regeneration of the packing material is mainly plastic packaging, using physical methods after treatment can be made of recycled packaging containers, used chemical processes can be made of recycled packaging products. But these two methods a fly in the ointment, only to reduce the pollution to the environment, to finally face the problem of the pollution of the environment.


Biodegradable packaging materials can be self degradation and reduction after use, no pollution to the environment; paper packaging recycling made of natural plant fiber utilization value is very high, the technology is also very mature.


Edible packaging material with natural edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.) as raw materials, via interaction between different molecules and the formation of edible packaging film. According to the different material and process, can be divided into polysaccharide edible packing film, protein edible packaging film, composite edible packaging film.


It is reported, the related research institutes and packaging enterprises, began to carry out new edible packaging film preparation and its performance study. In fact, in our country, edible packaging a lot of already used in real life. For example, wax, oil, gelatin coated in food, the fruit surface, can effectively reduce the loss of water, to prolong the shelf life; candy, pastry wrapped glutinous rice paper, made from sweet potato, corn or wheat powder starch, that is the entrance, and the outer packaging used to prevent adhesion; ice cream cone baking packaging, corn sausage casings are typical of the edible packaging. With the rapid development of food packaging industry in our country, the development of new edible environmental protection packaging materials is considered as an important means to realize sustainable development of food packaging industry.



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