23 major factors affecting the quality of prepress

23 major factors affecting the quality of prepress

2019-06-24 15:37

Prepress equipment fault caused by higher proportion of possession due to external factors, its reason is in many aspects, the solution must be based on the actual situation to determine. The author summarizes the common factors are easy to cause the failure of plate making equipment in the repair process, have inevitable connection failure of these factors and equipment, of course, there may be some other important factors may not contain inside, but a careful analysis of these factors, relieve can guarantee the normal operation of equipment and fault, the following the paper:


1, dust: O plate design preparation especially for the later separation, phototypesetting equipment, is a precision equipment, dust is the biggest enemy for such machines, dust can cause great damage to the equipment, so in the daily maintenance, cleaning is the most important.


2, oil pollution: affected by the precision of mechanical friction, Shanghai business card printing and almost all of the equipment to the different nature of the use of lubricating oil. In the long process of powder lubrication, influence by temperature, dust and when the friction, lubrication oil is very easy to form oil directly caused by mechanical disruption, the local temperature, and is also an important factor to make the equipment of mechanical problems.


3, filthy: filthy items include two aspects, one is the oil, the two is the formation of the dirt and impurities in the air or accumulated debris and water binding in the running process of the equipment. The initial contamination generally will not cause great impact on the equipment, but the long-term accumulation of easy to cause local damage equipment, such as display uncleanness class point.


4, raw material attached: raw material adhesion performance in developing machine and proofing machine is more serious, it is developing machines in the development process, the formation of the film surface material and the developer of the chemical reaction, is easily attached to the different between two rollers. Proofing ink if improper cleaning is also very easy to adhesion in the rollers and rubber roller, so keep regular cleaning is a good way to solve the raw material attachment.


5, wear: wear occurs most often in the mechanical moving parts, such as various types of plate making equipment and activities bearing screw clamp, reducing wear the most effective way is to multi gas.


6, vibration: vibration will not only cause the equipment itself fault, may also make the product quality problems, the effective guarantee the equipment installation is correct, the detection of the level of stability and more often.


7, loose: loose the reason most are caused by external causes, such as the vibration of equipment, routine maintenance to be noticed in the process of detecting each screw tightness and fixed.


8, leakage: refers to the internal prepress equipment parts due to aging or impact, resulting in protection of fluid leakage, the element temperature rises to burn out, such as the SCREENP-641-FW copy the circulating cooling water machine within the lamp.


9, corrosion: most with a volatile liquid on the non-metallic equipment were damaged in different degree, attached on the surface of equipment without the timely removal of the material is the main cause of the corrosion.


10, creep: creep process is generally not easy performance, because the creep can performance can also manifest in the electronics in the machinery, small changes so the detection equipment should pay attention to equipment parameters.


11, stress and deformation: the stress and deformation is a physical phenomenon, the more often occur in the work of the equipment. After the job is completed, the equipment is not timely adjustment is an important factor influencing the mechanical equipment, circuit board groove deformation.


12, scratch: in the operation of the equipment by external objects arrive to hit the scratch, scratch can be a major fault directly caused the equipment may also make the product quality is affected, such as: electrical extension drum scratch etc..


13, the main cause of crack: crack is long-term by the effect of high pressure or gravity equipment. If the cracks, as is usually the case, do not repair, to avoid causing two crack makes the equipment damage.


14, heating: electronic, generally produce heating phenomenon, metal machinery friction also has the phenomenon of fever. Electronic heating need heat radiating device assisted, and metal machinery by heat conduction itself to reduce the heat dissipation. Need to pay attention to the degree of heat equipment routine detection equipment.


15, abnormal noise: mechanical equipment in the operation process, affected by many factors such as heating wear the guide constant sound, the need for timely maintenance downtime, otherwise easy to make the expansion of the fault.


16, short circuit: short circuit often associated with damage to other components, and short circuit itself is due to component aging, caused by human error, short circuited, don't immediately energized, need to carefully check the causes of such failures, then power test.


17, poor insulation: aging equipment, heating process can reduce the insulation performance caused by insulator. Bad insulation equipment short circuit. Control and the replacement of components or line must be made as large as possible some tolerance.


18, conduction disorder: refers to the conductor or the electronic switches, relays and other components in the work process, voltage, current and contact resistance effect of the movable element action, no current through the phenomenon. Conduction disorders generally through after power on test.


19, fatigue: equipment work should have some time to rest. Uninterrupted work long-term, fatigue phenomenon has every equipment, and many of the failures are a direct relationship with fatigue. Although many devices are marked can work for a long time, but if you can rest l-2h every day, the operation will be more stable.


20, rust: corrosion and corrosion, just for the material are not the same. A greater relationship with metal corrosion, corrosion is obvious characteristics of metal surface rust and field production only influence the equipment work, there are a lot of equipment because of the lack of necessary protection and oily in the activities of the local corrosion.


21, erosion: process makes the equipment performance and parameter is missing in the work process called loss. The loss of performance in the equipment overload operation, electric performance loss problem with equipment design related.


22, poor lubrication: lack of oil or local high oil temperature is characteristic of bad lubrication. Lubrication of the poor to make mechanical metal directly between the friction caused by mechanical equipment failure, the consequences will be wear.


23, metamorphism: due to quality problems of itself or by the current impact etc. phenomenon, make the element properties change greatly and can not work, called metamorphism. We change the element in the repair must be accurate measurement to prevent deterioration that occurred two times fault circuit element.



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