The 5 major technical innovation of printing industry

The 5 major technical innovation of printing industry

2019-06-24 15:39

With the development of science and technology innovation, new technology of printing industry is also constantly bring forth the new through the old, let us look at specific.


B2 format digital printing


All the time since, the format is one of the factors limiting the wide application of digital printing, but on the drupa2012, B2 format digital printing technology to shine, it not only increases the digital printing machine width, increase productivity, but also enhanced on a variety of substrates by printing capabilities, thus let the digital printing to a broader antennae can the field of printing, packaging. At present, can provide B2 format digital printing machine equipment manufacturer is very much, including HP, Fuji film, Konica Minolta, KOMORI and screen etc.. In China, the Tiger color, Dongguan CTPS also introduced the B2 format printing machine. Can be expected, B2 format digital printing equipment will contribute to the growth of digital printing to print in the next few years.


High speed inkjet printing


High speed inkjet printing technology in recent years both in principle and in the commercial application has made great success, especially in the drupa2012, some people even issued a "in the world are JET" sigh. From the supply market, not only HP, Kodak, screen and other international suppliers launched mature equipment, domestic digital technology leader -- founder also have mature equipment introduction. Application in the market, high speed inkjet printing technology has been applied in the domestic reality, Henan Xinhua, Tiger color, the printing and so on a number of printing enterprises have begun to carry out the on-demand publishing and printing business with this technology, competition, and enterprises use of Xuan paper printed high-speed inkjet printing equipment. On the whole, despite its current still facing business saturation, consumable costs, but we believe that, in the future, this technology will bring the inter industry business layout depth fission and integration.


Wired digital prepress


Wired digital prepress refers to a standard JDF file format, can realize the print data sharing and prepress, printing and processing link, online to complete the short version, personalized live variety of Postpress process technology. Compared with the off-line digital prepress, wired digital prepress not only has great advantages in the production efficiency, but also can bring enterprise lower loss and higher yields, especially when the digital printing gradually popular, enterprises rely on what to differentiated competition, how to carry out the efficient production of digital printing to digital prepress is the connection? Good choice. Current connection digital prepress equipment on the market is more mature, and has high compatibility, even can realize the combination of production among different brands of equipment. For example, Hohner HSB8000 riding a horse drawn line and MBO folding function perfect docking, different brands of digital printing and Postpress equipment direct docking is more common. At the application level, domestic Phoenix media has achieved high speed inkjet printing system and book block production system and production line of precision digital 200B robot, a line connecting butt this award-winning enterprise of Beijing Zhendan pictures Culture Development Co Ltd is the realization of MBO and high speed inkjet printing machine. The future development trend of Postpress equipment must be IT, high efficiency and variability, and wired digital prepress technology is the best embodiment of this trend, the development potential is unlimited.


Offset printing online cold hot stamping


Offset of cold hot stamping technology may not be new, but in recent years, especially since 2012, the breakthrough, major technical bottlenecks, solve the original that restrict the development of cold foil utilization rate is low and the high cost problem. At present, its perfect will cold hot stamping and offset printing technology com., achieve high quality high speed offset and unique surface finishing of the perm effect of theme, not only the subversion and Transcendence of traditional hot stamping technology effect, but also reflects the new mode of offset value. At present, the launch of Heidelberg solutions, Roland, KBA, KOMORI and other giants have mature offset printing machine. Jiangsu Tiger color, bump color printing factory packaging and printing enterprise has taken the lead in the introduction of this technology, in the production of packaging products with high added value.


Multi station stamping


Multi station stamping refers to a work can be done 2 times or 2 times above hot stamping process of technology innovation, which is based on single station hot stamping technology derived, 3 forms at present mainly with double stations, 3 stations and 4 stations. The biggest advantage of this technique is in one equipment operation is completed in the past needs several single station hot stamping machine to complete the production task. Not only reduces the energy consumption, but also improve the efficiency. At present, Bobst, Tianjin evergreen, Beijing jinbaixin, Shanghai Bernal Yahua etc. have been introduced such equipment. Application in the market, Chongqing Wang Jin, Yunnan Yuxi cigarette packaging printing enterprises have already started using this apparatus. In the product packaging and gradually tends to be diversified, complex today, multi station stamping as a new technology of high efficiency and energy saving, it will have great potential of development.



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