Chao An Qiang Sheng color plate Ltd., founded since 1997, specializing in the printing of plastic composite flexible packaging bags, plate and blowing of modern manufacturing enterprises; has a modern industrial plant more than 12,000 square meters, the introduction of the world's advanced level of equipment Haier electric carving multiple machines, SGF1050D computer control high speed gravure printing machine, automatic high-speed laminating machine, fully integrated computer bag and other advanced equipment to ensure product quality in line with national standards.





Modern industrial plant more than 12,000 m²


Passed the ISO9001 

The company has a strong design, plate making, printing to high-energy production line finished; Division I professional to provide customers with packaging design, printing and production of various types of packaging, such as color bag vertical zipper bags, zipper bags, self-washing powder bags, laundry detergent nozzle self-reliance bags, cosmetic cleaning supplies and food packaging, blowing oil products, including Toyota bottles, detergent bottles and laundry detergent bottles products, the tireless hard work and integrity management, met with Japan's Toyota, Guangdong Peng Jin Industrial Co. Company, Guangzhou Lonkey Co., Dayton Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, Xiamen City NICE Chemical Co., Hainan Qiong Yang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Guangdong Jia Da Food Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Wen Yue Industrial Co., Ltd. Huizhou Kangjie Co., Ltd.,so many large enterprises have become well-known long-term strategic partner.

Qiang Sheng companie, establishs and improves a set of modern enterprise management system, equipped with a high level of education, research and development capabilities, have practical experience of professionals, adhere to rely on scientific and technological progress, commitment to technology innovation, and effectively protect the stability of product quality. Since passed the ISO9001 quality management system, enterprise management mechanism as a whole would be enhanced and optimized business growing, the rapid development of enterprises.

   We firmly believe that success comes from your trust, your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of the goal. "Hard work, innovation," is the entrepreneurial spirit; our commitment is "good faith and abide by the quality, service-oriented." The future, the company will continue to focus on customer demand , research and innovation, the advanced packaging technology and design to customers, providing customers with a new anti-counterfeiting beautifully packaged. Qiang Sheng willing to work with customers in the increasingly fierce competition in the market go hand in hand!


East Industrial Zone, Dongfeng Town,Chaozhou City,Guangdong Province


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